From 1 June (16), devotees of the show will have the chance to bid for more than 1,500 production-used props, wardrobe items, set decorations and other "vintage and mid-century memorabilia".

"Every item that appeared on Mad Men was chosen with painstaking care to be both historically accurate for the time period and to help tell the characters' stories through the objects around them," Mad Men's award-winning property master Ellen Freund, who has curated the sale, says. "With this auction, it's exciting to give fans a chance to take home a piece of American and television history."

Top items include Don Draper's wallet, Peggy Olson's typewriter, Joan Harris' office ice bucket and tumbler set, and Roger Sterling's Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The Mad Men auction items will be available for bidding on from 1 June to 13 June (16).