'Mad Men' is to run for another three seasons.

The popular advertising drama, which is centred on a 1960s agency and stars Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks, will return for a fifth, sixth and seventh series after producers sealed a $30 million deal with the show's creator Matthew Weiner.

Concerns had been growing about the future of the programme, as negotiations were reported to be breaking down over demands the AMC network was making about its format, such as wanting to take two minutes off its length to make more room for commercials.

However, Matthew has now signed a deal with Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. for the next two series and has come to a separate agreement for the final one.

He said: "I've always felt that seven seasons was the length of the story, but it's great for the fans to now be prepared for it.

"This is the first time I'll get to work on the show knowing that there will be another season and knowing when the end is coming - that's a creative luxury that I feel lucky to have."

Under the terms of the new deal, Matthew will reportedly receive $30 million in compensation for three years, making him one of the highest paid writer-producers in cable television.