Rapper M.I.A. is hoping her life is back on track after winning her child custody battle and landing a new man.

The outspoken star has been locked in a bitter court dispute with her multi-millionaire ex-fiance Benjamin Bronfman over access to their four-year-old son Ikhyd following their split in 2012.

In March (13), the Brit revealed her heartache after she was banned from taking the boy out of the U.S., but she finally triumphed in the case and returned to the U.K. with Ikhyd in June (13).

Now she has told how her life is finally turning a corner - and she has even embarked on a new romance.

The Paper Planes hitmaker tells British newspaper The Guardian she was terrified of taking on Bronfman in a U.S. court because he is heir to the $8 billion Seagram empire.

She says, "In America, it's not the mother who has the say. The legal system sides with money. It doesn't side with truth, it sides with who has the best presentation of truth. I guess it was a lesson I had to learn. So you just had to be really good at lying. And I'm not very good at lying. I just can't be bothered. When it comes to basic s**t, like a mother and child, you have a huge judicial system that no longer backs them up.

"I'm not going to go against the billionaire with my money. Ultimately, I'm a working mum. I don't have parents who have tons of money who can fund my s**t for 20 years... It was the idea that I was wild, a rock star mum, versus a financial institution, and fighting it in a country where financial institutions ultimately have the power. As a mum, my experience of the law in America was disgusting, because mums don't have a say. And I'm not going to change that, because it's going to take a nation of mums to stand up for it."

Asked if the whole experience has put her off men, she replies, "No. I'm in a relationship and have been for some time, and I'm happy. I'm in a state of nirvana."