PHIL LYNOTT's only son has spoken of his happiness after he was finally acknowledged by the late THIN LIZZY star's family - seven years after his story hit headlines.
Irish sculptor MACdaragh Lambe was born in 1968 after his mother enjoyed a brief romance with rocker Lynott before he shot to fame as the legendary group's frontman.
Lambe was given up for adoption and didn't discover his heritage until he eventually traced his birth mother.
The story of Lynott's secret son hit headlines in 2003, but his existence was never publicly acknowledged by Lynott's mother Philomena until this weekend (24-25Jul10) when she confirmed Lambe as her grandson in an interview.
She told Britain's Mail on Sunday, "I can answer you straightforward. Yes, he is Philip's son. Oh yeah, without a doubt. He has the same thumbs, like Philip used to slam the bass guitar, and eyes."
And Lambe admits he's delighted to have finally had his story confirmed.
He tells the Irish Independent, "This is the first public acknowledgement the Lynott family have given me. I'm delighted, but more so for my son. It's going to be a lot easier for him now to say who he is."
Lynott died in 1986 after suffering heart failure at the age of 36.