Lydia Rose Bright is inspired by 50s fashion.

The former 'Only Way Is Essex' star has forged a career as a successful fashion designer since leaving the show in 2012, with three sell-out seasons under her belt, and says the inspiration for her new Spring Summer' 14 collection is a mix of vintage clothes and catwalk trends.

The stylish star exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Whenever I come to my design process, I do big vintage buys before it because I'm inspired by it and I love that 50s era of fashion. I always research my favourite designers.

''I took a lot of inspiration this season from Marchesa, which I always do, Alice + Olivia and Christian Dior, my favourite designers of all-time. But also Henry Holland with the little shirt dresses and Erdem with the chunky collars.''

While Lydia is glad her days of being scrutinised on the show are behind her, she is grateful for the platform the hit ITV2 programme has provided her with to pursue her dreams.

She explained: ''I feel like it does have its drawbacks, but it also has a 100 million time more positives. I always knew I wanted to do fashion because that's what my family is in.

''If I didn't have 'TOWIE', I wouldn't have had that amazing platform to launch myself and get the following and the press behind me. It is so hard for new designers to break out and get celebrities to wear their clothes, and I got to do all of that because of my profile.''

The Spring Summer' 14 collection from Lydia Rose Bright launches today (Tuesday 14th January) at Lipstick Boutique (

The new 20 piece collection features jumpsuits, button-up shifts, ladylike dresses and evening gowns in a palette of sorbet shades and neutrals.