Lydia Bright has ditched make-up.

The 'Towie' star has teamed up with skincare brand St Ives to encourage girls to stop caking on make-up and embrace their natural beauty instead.

To support the campaign, the pretty blonde took part in a shoot which saw her pile on a week's worth of make-up in a two-hour sitting, including 35 make-up products in the over-the-top look.

She then removed the cosmetics to reveal her fresh-face which she had ensured was glowing by using the St Ives facial scrubs three to four times a week prior to the shoot.

The 23-year-old boutique owner now tries to stay away from make-up after finding a way to keep her skin radiant without piling on the foundation.

She told MailOnline: ''I am a total girly girl and when I'm filming TOWIE, I get glammed-up but I actually try to go bare as much as possible when I'm not on camera.

''I hope that my involvement will encourage other women to follow my lead, wear less make-up and embrace their natural beauty. I want this to show women that you can look better without make-up.''

St. Ives' Brand Manager, Pamela Uddin added: ''We hope women across the UK will take heed of our research and follow Lydia's lead by having the confidence to pare back the amount of make-up they wear on a more regular basis and letting their own natural radiance shine through.''