Luis Fonzi's collaboration with Justin Bieber earned him a lot of ''cool points'' with his daughter.

The 39-year-old singer - who has Mikaela, six, and Rocco, 14 months, with wife Agueda Lopez - has been working in the music industry for two decades but it's only recently his little girl has started to like his songs, largely thanks to 'Despacito' and his new duet with Demi Lovato, 'Echame la Culpa (Blame Me)'.

Asked if Mikaela is a fan of his music, he said: ''I think that happened this past year.

''The fact we did a remix of 'Despacito' with Justin Bieber gave me a lot of cool points, especially with her little friends from school.

''My collaboration with Demi Lovato also gave me more cool points.

''Mikaela is very shy and gets embarrassed when they talk about Dad the singer, but she is enjoying it because she loves music.''

Because of the huge success of 'Despacito', Luis has been away from his family a lot over the last year, but they do their best to stay in touch as often as possible.

Agueda told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''Mikaela asks me a lot about her dad - where is he, in which city, in what country.

''But we are super proud of him and very grateful to God for all the blessings he has brought to our lives.

''Even when he's away, our family bonds are very strong, unbreakable.

''We talk and do FaceTime every day.''

And having children has given Luis a new focus and purpose with his career.

He said: ''I've been in the business for 20 years and each stage has been different.

''I'm still as hungry for success now but I have a different purpose. It's to achieve it not only for me, but for my family, to leave my children a good legacy so that one day they will be proud of their dad.''