Dr. Dre has turned to Ludacris to help out with his long-awaited comeback album DETOX - the STAND UP hitmaker has been recruited to write rhymes for the hip-hop legend.
The superproducer and former NWA member is working on his first disc in 10 years, the follow-up to 1999's 2001.
But he's not been penning all the lyrics on his own - Ludacris has been ghostwriting for him and the track, titled OG's Theme, has now surfaced online.
And Ludacris is proud to be receiving positive feedback from the tune, even though he's baffled as to how quickly it leaked onto the internet.
In a post on social networking site Twitter.com, the rapper/actor says, "OG's Theme (reference for Dr. Dre's Detox)... Not sure how this leaked.
"Song written for Dre has actually been the best joint written for Dre that has leaked for Detox. Appreciated."