Actress ISABEL LUCUS' mother has refuted reports SHIA LaBEOUF was drunk at the time of his car accident last weekend (27Jul08) - because her daughter would never get into a car with a drink-driver.
Lucas, LaBeouf's Transformers 2 co-star, was a passenger in the actor's truck when it collided with another vehicle in Hollywood - leaving the actor with serious injuries to one hand.
LaBeouf was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI), although police subsequently announced that he was not at fault for the accident.
Lucas' mother Beatrice has now spoken out about the incident - and she is convinced LaBeouf wasn't drunk at the time of the crash.
She says, "There has been an enormous media thing with this in the (United) States. From Isabel's perspective, it was just a normal car accident. She's back at work now.
"Isabel would not get into the car with someone she thought was drink-driving."
LaBeouf is due in court next month (Aug08) to face a misdemeanour DUI charge.