Louise Linton has been cast to appear in new horror-comedy 'Cabin Fever: Reboot'.

The new film is being helmed by producer Eli Roth, who is perhaps best known for appearing alongside Brad Pitt in the 2009 film 'Inglorious Basterds', which he co-directed with Quentin Tarrantino.

Louise, 28, is set to play the role of Deputy Winston in the new film, which she says ''is a departure from typical female characters in film''.

She added: ''We have seen gun-slinging tough girls in cinema many times but this character is unique in that her dialogue was originally written for a man and has deliberately been kept the same in this new take on the original movie.

''As a result she represents something entirely new and never seen before. It makes her a truly delicious, although challenging character to play and as an actress, I could not be more excited to bring her complexity and nuances to life in the remake.''

Louise added that the audition process for the role was among the most arduous of her career, but was ultimately worth it.

She explained: ''Figuring out how to get all the elements of this character into my audition was creatively one of the hardest things I've done is an actress, but also one of the most rewarding.''

'Cabin Fever: Reboot' is set to hit cinemas in 2015.