Louisa Johnson has to use a nebuliser on tour to keep her voice in shape.

The 'X Factor' winner had to explain the device she has, which consists of hot salt water, as it looked like she was using a vaping device instead of a cigarette backstage at Brighton's Pride festival - the biggest celebration for the LGBT community - over the weekend.

However, it turned it out she was just keeping her voice intact.

The 19-year-old beauty told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I have a nebuliser that looks like a vape cigarette.

''But it's actually hot water and salt water and when you breathe in it turns into steam for my voice.''

The 'So Good' hitmaker knows how important it is to keep her voice in check after she was put on ''vocal rest'' days before UK TV talent show's final, which she went on to win in 2015.

And Louisa will certainly need her voice to be in tip-top condition with the amount of collaborations she'd like to do.

She wants to follow in the footsteps of her pal Olly Murs and collaborate with Paul Weller.

The 58-year-old rocker penned the track 'Let Me In' for the 33-year-old hunk's 2014 LP 'Never Been Better' and Louisa - who did 'Unpredictable' with Olly this year - recently revealed she is keen to setup a duet with the 'Modfather' and former Jam frontman.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: ''I really love Paul Weller, I didn't know that Paul Weller wrote a song for Olly Murs, I might have to give him a ring.''

The 'Best Behaviour' hitmaker has a surprisingly eclectic taste in music and would also like to dabble in rap with dreams of teaming up with hip-hop icon Eminem.

She said: ''I really love Eminem, he's like my favourite artist. My love of Eminem comes from my dad, he always would be listening to his songs and albums when we'd be driving around, you just pick these things up. I have a really random love of different music from like garage to Eminem, people don't know how I like these songs.''