Louisa Johnson is worried about ''coping'' with staying in shape.

The 21-year-old singer has turned to an anti-inflammatory diet after struggling with rapid weight gain and discovering a number of food intolerances, so she's concerned about having pressure put on to maintain a flawless figure, especially as she finds her new meal plan ''hard''.

She told MailOnline: ''I've been diagnosed with all these intolerances over the past year and I'm just like, 'How am I going to cope?' because I've really noticed weight just being going on so quickly.

''It never used to be like that for me, so that's like my personal struggle at the moment.

''The last year I've been really listening to my body and I've just noticed how much I've been bloating, and really uncomfortable when I eat certain foods and I didn't really know what it was.

''I went to see a nutritionist and I got tested for everything and I have an intolerance to dairy, which is my main one and gluten and wheat.

''So basically I'm on an anti-inflammatory diet which is really, really hard when I used to eat whatever I wanted, so I've been struggling with that, I'm such a fussy eater as well, so it's hard.''

However, the 'Tears' singer won't deprive herself of her favourite treats.

She said: ''100% I feel under a lot of pressure to be in shape, but at the same time I feel like if I want a bar of chocolate I'm going to have a bar of chocolate - and a massive one.

''Because if I feel like that, you can't push it away, because then you're just going to want it more. Everything in moderation.''

The former 'X Factor' winner admitted she's now stopped using photo-editing apps because she wants to set a good example, both for her fans and her younger sister.

She said: ''You know what to be completely honest I think that we're all guilty of doing that [using photo-editing apps].

''We're all guilty of wanting to lighten our hair or whitening our teeth or make ourselves look slimmer, prettier and smoother skin. I actually used to use it [a photo-editing app]

''And, I literally said to my friends about a year ago, 'I just don't want to be fake, I'm not going to use it any more. I don't see the point, I don't want to give my fans a fake impression of me,' and also I did it a lot for my little sister as well.

''She is growing up now, she's in secondary school and she's starting to live in this generation of Instagram and all that kind of stuff.

''I just thought, 'I don't want to give her a fake impression of myself', and that's one of the reasons why I put that post up the other day, because not everything is perfect.

''And, I would never change my body completely because I actually quite like my body.''