Louis Jordan has died aged 93.

The Hollywood actor - best known for his Golden Globe-nominated portrayal of Gaston Lachaille in 1958 movie 'Gigi' and his role as James Bond villain Kamal Khan in 1983's 'Octopussy' - passed away at his home in Beverly Hills on Saturday (14.02.15).

His close friend and biographer Oliver Minne - who is working on a documentary and book about the late star - is quoted by Variety as saying: ''He was the last French figure of the Hollywood golden age. And he worked with so many of the greatest actors and directors.''

The Frenchman played a ladies' man who attempted to tempt Elizabeth Taylor away from Richard Burton in 1963's 'The V.I.P's' and starred in Wes Craven's 1982 monster movie 'Swamp Thing' and 1992 film 'Year of the Comet'.

He also appeared in the late great Sir Alfred Hitchcock's 1947 movie 'The Paradine Case' - his English-language debut - and acted alongside Jennifer Jones in Vincente Minnelli's 1949 version of 'Madame Bovary'.

Fellow actors Kirk Douglas and Sidney Poitier congratulated the star in 2010 when he was awarded the Legion d'Honneur in Los Angeles.

Louis was married to wife Berthe Frederique ''Quique'' Jourdan for 58 years until her death last year, while their only child, Louis Henry died of a drug overdose in May 1981 aged just 29.