Lottie Moss' modelling career is ''a bit of a blur''.

The 19-year-old beauty was scouted at the age of 13 years old, and though she felt she embarked on a career in the fashion business ''so young'' and she ''didn't know what was going on'', she wouldn't have it any other way.

Speaking about her career to Evening Standard Online, the star - who is signed to Storm Model Management - said: ''I went into Storm to talk to them. I was so young, I didn't really even know what was going on. I just thought, 'This is really cool.'

''Everything just kind of happened. It is all a bit of a blur for me as I was so young.

''I know I was young but I feel like you only get one shot and you just have to take it.

''If I looked back and I hadn't done it, I would be like, 'Why didn't I do it?'''

And Lottie believes as she has got ''older'' she has realised what an ''amazing'' opportunity she has been fortunate to have.

She continued: ''You realise that when you are older how amazing this opportunity is. I mean who gets to do this? No one.''

Although Lottie is honoured to partner with designer brands, including Bulgari, Chanel and Calvin Klein, she has admitted she has her insecurities, but has tried her best to love her ''imperfections''.

Speaking previously, she said: ''We may not all love our figure, we all have imperfections but I have learnt to love mine, I don't have a small bum or huge boobs but I'm happy that way (sic).''