Lottie Moss believes her eyebrows look like ''big slugs''.

The 19-year-old model - who is the sister of 43-year-old catwalk icon Kate Moss - claimed she had ''really fat brows'' and once cut a slit in her facial feature, which, on reflection, she has admitted was a ''bad move''.

Speaking about her beauty blunder to W magazine: ''I had really fat brows, like two big slugs on my face vibes. I also shaved a slit in my eyebrow.

''It was a bad move.''

And the blonde beauty - who signed to Storm Model management in 2014 - has revealed she ''prefers'' sitting and admiring fashion shows rather than starring in them because it's ''so easy'' to enjoy the presentations instead of being in pain walking on the runway in an uncomfortable outfit, which she has witnessed before.

She explained: ''I sometimes prefer sitting [to walking in the shows]; it's so easy.

''I was sitting a show recently and there were these shoes that were so beautiful, but looked so painful. One of the girls was limping a bit, and I honestly wanted to cry for her. But it was so beautiful, maybe it was worth the pain.''

Meanwhile, Lottie - whose full name is Charlotte - was introduced to fashion designer Marc Jacobs when she was a child, but didn't realise ''how big of a deal'' he was until she got older.

She explained: ''I met him briefly at my sister's wedding. I don't really remember it because it was five years ago, and I was thirteen years old, but I remember being there and my mom going, 'That's Marc Jacobs.' At the time I didn't really know how big of a deal he was. I was just like, 'Okay, he makes clothes.'''