Los Angeles police chiefs have come up with a new system of responding to celebrity-related hoax calls following a string of 'swatting' alerts.

Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Brown and Kim Kardashian's parents have all fallen victims to Hollywood's latest naughty craze, which has cost the Los Angeles Police Department dearly.

The hoaxes have sparked a series of police emergencies and raids on the stars' homes - to check out reports of intruders, shooting incidents and kidnap.

In a bid to beat the pranksters, top cops are now training officers to be more aware of 'swatting'.

Deputy Chief Debra MCCarthy tells the Los Angeles Times, "We haven’t changed the way we respond, because in life and death situations you must respond always prepared, good or bad, but we want to be really careful it is not a prank and this isn’t the home of some unsuspecting individual. We have to be extra vigilant because this is occurring."

R&B star Brown became the latest 'swatting' victim on Monday (21Jan13) when police were called to his home following reports of a possible shooting.The singer was not at home at the time of the incident.