Australian singer/songwriter ALEX LLOYD is facing legal action over his hit AMAZING - after a man has claimed he co-wrote the track.
Mark O'Keefe alleges he penned the song with the singer in a Sydney pub in 1989, when the star, then aged 14, agreed to register the track with the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) in both their names.
Amazing went on to become the most played song on Australian radio in 2002, was named song of the year by APRA, and has made thousands of dollars in royalties through sales and advertising campaigns.
O'Keefe claims Lloyd kept the coasters on which Mr O'Keefe wrote the "lyrics and melody of the chorus", the opening line of the first verse and the opening line of the middle eight. Lloyd however insists he has never met O'Keefe.
The case, which was filed last month (Mar08), is set to continue later this year (08).