Revered U.S. newswoman LISA LING is "thrilled beyond words" following the release of her journalist sister LAURA from a detention facility in North Korea.
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton persuaded North Korean leader Kim Jong Il to grant Ling and her colleague Euna Lee a special pardon during a trip to North Korea on Tuesday (04Aug09).
Ling and Lee spent five months in captivity after reportedly illegally crossing the Chinese border with North Korea, where they were preparing a report about North Korean refugees.
The two women flew back to America with Clinton overnight and are now recovering from their ordeal at home with their families.
At a press conference held on Wednesday morning (05Aug09), Lisa Ling, a former co-presenter of U.S. TV magazine show The View and a regular contributor to Oprah Winfrey's daytime show, told reporters her sister is "absolutely exhausted... She can barely speak she's so tired."
Ling explained she was speechless when she saw her sister again: "We hadn't spoken to her in more than two weeks... We had absolutely no idea of her physical condition or her mental condition. To actually see them (Ling and Lee) in person... was just the most incredible feeling... I can tell she's been through a lot.
"It's just been such a rollercoaster ride and we're talking about a very unpredictable country... We always maintained our hope and knew in our hearts that we would see Laura again, we just didn't know when... We are just thrilled beyond words."