Lily Rose-Depp doesn't take fashion advice from her father Johnny Depp.

The 19-year-old model - whose mother is Vanessa Paradis - has admitted the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor's quirky fashion sense hasn't rubbed off on her, and she usually goes to her 45-year-old fashion model mom for outfit inspiration.

When asked if she takes inspiration from the 55-year-old star, she replied: ''I always look to my mom more for fashion advice.''

Lily-Rose also confessed she still steals Vanessa's clothes and accessories.

She told E! News: ''I would always steal anything I could get my hands on.

''Definitely a lot of handbags and shoes up until the age I could start wearing her clothes, and then I would just take it all.

''It's less of a trade and more I take her things and don't give them back.''

Meanwhile, Lily previously revealed she has worn Chanel since she was a baby.

The style icon - who starred in her first campaign for the fashion house in 2015 - has been adorning the designer brand's garments ever since she was a baby, and the ''first memory'' she has of her wearing the label is when she used play dress up with her mother's expensive clothes.

She said: ''My first memory of wearing Chanel was probably when I was still in diapers, going into my mom's closet and picking out her Chanel heels and her dresses and stuff, even though I was swimming in them.

''I would put on all her Chanel stuff and carry around her bags and everything, so it was probably my first dress up memory as well.''

And it is not only the prestigious label that has been in Lily's life for many years, but the brand's creative director Karl Lagerfeld, as she has revealed the mogul was always present during her childhood.

Speaking about the 85-year-old creative mastermind, she said: ''I've known [Karl] since I was eight - he's definitely somebody who has been in my life since I was little. I definitely have a lot of Chanel memories growing up.''

And Lily has hailed Karl for his innovative designs.

She said: ''The amount of stuff that he comes up with...the amount of creativity in his head, that he creates each year and has created over his entire life, the different ideas he has had. He's really somebody who has managed to evolve but never stray from this level of artistry and precision. But at the same thing he's never done the same thing twice.''