Lily McMenamy was hired by Hedi Slimane's for walking ''awkwardly''.

The 19-year-old beauty, whose mother is supermodel Kristen McMenamy, remembers how ''excited'' and nervous she was when auditioning to walk for the Saint Laurent creative director's first show in Paris Fashion Week, but managed to impress the designer with her unique stance.

She recalled to i-D magazine: ''I've told this story a million times, but I moved to Paris to be a waitress, to be a whatever, and then I got introduced to the boss [at Next Paris] by my hot model friend ... I thought, 'I guess I can try it, it's kind of lame to do the same thing as your mum but I can try it, just to see'.

''Then Paris Fashion Week came round in a matter of days and they made me a card and sent me off to casting with all the other models.

''I was so excited about Saint Laurent, I was the first to get there, it was Hedi himself doing the casting and yeah I walked for him. I walked super awkwardly and he was like, 'Yeah, this is perfect, you embody the collection.' ''

Lily's first catwalk experience was being cradled in her mother's arms as she strutted down the walkway for Chanel, whose creative director Karl Lagerfeld gave Kristen away at her wedding to ex-husband of 17 years, Miles Aldridge.

Lily added: ''I don't have much recollection of it, but I'm pretty sure that happened, in my Mum's arms. I heard it was Chanel, but I'm not sure.''