The summer's Lilith '10 tour has been ruled a charity success, despite the cancellation of dates - the roving all-women concert has raised more than $500,000 (GBP333,300) for North American organisations.
Charity officials are saluting the efforts of co-founder Sarah MCLachlan, Mary J. Blige, the Indigo Girls and their tourmates.
Lilith '10 recently wrapped up its 23-city run and now there are plans in motion to take the concept to Australia later this year (10) - as A Taste of Lilith.
MCLachlan admits she's proud with the cash raised by the tour: "I have a moral and social responsibility as a human being to give back what I can.
"Lilith 2010 was an amazing experience for me on so many levels. It felt so great to be back out on the road and sharing the stage with so many talented women. For me, Lilith has always represented a sense of community, and that's the greatest thing I take away from these shows. To be able to create an environment where both established artists and up-and-comers can join together, learn from one another and feed off each other's energy is such a great gift."
The Lilith ’10 tour contributed $200,000 (GBP133,330) to local women’s charities in each of the markets with another $300,000 (GBP200,000) going to the I4C campaign.

The Indigo Girls’ Emily Saliers noted, “I loved being part of Lilith Fair. It was nice to have been a part of it so long ago and then to get to come back and meet, listen to, and sing with younger artists. The power of women in music lives on.”