Lili Reinhart wants ''super short'' hair.

The 23-year-old actress is keen to chop her mid-length blonde tresses drastically but will have to wait until she's finished work on 'Riverdale' because of her character Betty Cooper's trademark style.

She said: ''I'd love to get my hair cut super short once 'Riverdale' is over.

''I have to wait though.

''As much as I want a chin-length bob -- I think I would love it -- you just can't put short hair up in a ponytail.''

As well as her role in 'Riverdale', Lili was recently seen portraying Annabelle, a stripper in 2003, in 'Hustlers' and enjoyed revisiting her own ''awful'' teenage hair styles for the part.

She told Refinery29: '''Hustlers' was all about the hair poofs, like the Bumpits I used to use when I was on my middle school dance team.

''I recommended some of the hairstyles that we wore in the film. I was like, 'Hey, we should do that awful hairstyle that I used to do when I was younger.'''

For both roles, the actress insisted on doing her own make-up and particularly enjoyed the experience on 'Hustlers'.

She said: ''I do my own make-up on 'Riverdale', and I knew I wanted to do it for 'Hustlers' as well.

''So with permission from Lorene [Scafaria], our director, I did the make-up myself -- which was fun because it was a lot of products that I would never, ever use in real life, like glittery eyeshadow and some cobalt blue eyeliner.''

When she's not working, Lili favours a simple approach to her make-up.

She said: ''I'm usually a simple concealer, mascara, and eyebrow girl.

''Except when I'm on a red carpet or travelling for press interviews. Then, I'll do a little more glam. But I'll never make my skin orange with bronzer or do any contour. I keep it pretty natural.''