Rapper LIL' MO is giving her marriage a second chance after filing divorce papers last year (06). The SUPERWOMAN PT II hitmaker, real name CYNTHIA LOVING, and AL STONE have reconciled after a series of infidelities and cheating dramas led to a desperate Lil' Mo holding a gun to her husband's head and demanding he stop his mistresses from "disrespecting" her publicly. The couple then separated and the rap star "dogged out" her man with a rant in urban magazine Sister 2 Sister. The Stones have now turned to the publication again - to announce they're back together and working things out. Lil' Mo admits it took her filing divorce papers for her husband to fight for his marriage. She says, "He ain't shut it down 'til he got them papers in the mail... I kept on telling him when I was pregnant with (daughter) HEAVEN (sic)... I ain't playing. "I pulled out a gun on him 'cos I was, like, I had just had my daughter; she was four months old." Stone admits even the gun-wielding incident didn't make him think his marriage was over: "She was just going through postpartum (depression)... I wasn't taking it that serious as she was making it." The couple, who wed in 2001 after a whirlwind romance, spent much of last year apart but reconciled during a family trip to DisneyWorld in Florida and have since decided to give their marriage a second chance.