Rapper LIL' KIM has had her luxury sportscar repossessed after she allegedly failed to keep up the repayments.
The star - real name Kimberly Jones - recently received a visit from a repossession company who towed away her silver Bentley, valued at around $250-300,000 (GBP125,000-150,000) and the incident was captured on film by a New York TV crew.
Jones, who spent much of 2005 and 2006 in jail for a perjury conviction, was reportedly four to five months behind with the payments.
Representative for Commercial Service Corps, Cyro Mirando, confirmed the company had repossessed Jones' vehicle but admitted the star was unhappy to see the team arrive at her home.
He tells celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, "She didn't wanna cooperate. Basically, she told us to get off the property. We were hoping that she'd give us the keys, being that it'd be the right thing to do. It's not her vehicle."
Lil' Kim's publicist Tracy Nguyen insists the repossession is the result of a misunderstanding.
She says, "The car was a gift, given four years ago. This matter is currently being resolved and is completely out of Kim's hands."