Crunk rapper LIL 'JON has hit back at claims hip-hop inspires violence amongst kids, insisting the world is a dangerous place anyway. The GET LOW hitmaker, 34, is furious conservative political figures such as US pundit and TV host BILL O'REILLY and the UK's Conservative Party leader DAVID CAMERON have denounced rap music as promoting violence amongst youngsters. Lil' Jon, real name JONATHON SMITH, says, "We live in a violent society. There's f**king fighting at techno clubs. S**t, there might be a fight at a bar mitzvah. "They just wanna blame it on hip-hop because it's convenient. "I think they're mad that we're making so much cash. We're young black men with money, power and influence and they don't like that. "I'm just a party guy. I'm the motherf**ker that makes you forget about your problems in your life. I'm not the one to really be preaching to anyone. It's not my thing."