British chart newcomer LIL' CHRIS has slammed his Rock School mentor Gene Simmons for dropping him once filming on the UK version of ROCK SCHOOL finished. The 16-year-old rocker - real name CHRIS HARDMAN - is on the way to becoming a major artist in his homeland, but it's no thanks to the Kiss bassist. And he insists Simmons' boasts of having slept with 6,000 women is "all talk" and he falsely claimed to be close to the OSBOURNES. He says, "All the girls I spoke to wouldn't touch him with a barge pole. "He says he is good friends with Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy but he isn't. They hate him. I know because I spoke to Sharon and she says he is an a**ehole. "He is probably in LA (Los Angeles) taking all the credit for my chart success even though he has done nothing to help."