British singer LIL' CHRIS is disappointed he has lost touch with his musical mentor Gene Simmons. The 17-year-old found fame on U.K. TV series Rock School, which saw the legendary Kiss frontman teach a group of kids how to play instruments and sing. Chris admits he wants to give Simmons a career update - but concedes the rocker is probably 'too busy' to get in touch. Speaking at London's Hard Rock Cafe Rocktober event, he says, "I've got his phone number and email address, but I haven't called him. He's a busy man. I think maybe he just wants me to get on with it. He's a clever, clever guy. Whatever his reasons for not getting in touch I know will be valid. "He was my mentor. He taught me absolutely everything. It would be nice to get in touch with him again and tell him what I've been up to and stuff. Because it's all down to him really, what I've been doing."