British pop star LIL' CHRIS insists he won't end up like troubled stars like Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse - because their behaviour is "sad". The Checkin' It Out singer, 17, believes young stars now go out of their way to avoid behaving badly. Speaking at London's Hard Rock Cafe Rocktober event, he says, "I've got pretty strong willpower. I'm pretty sure. They've made examples of themselves now, and I think people are aiming not to go that way. It's just a bit sad." But the singer insists he can empathise with their situation. He explains,"I think I've got it on a much smaller scale than they have. They must just go through so much and it must just be so hard. "They can't even do simple things like go out for meals with their family. I can understand why they turn to it. They need a bigger buzz as well I suppose."