Rapper Lil B has reportedly been banned from Facebook.com for posting racially-charged messages.

The hip-hop star took to the social media site on Tuesday (16Dec14) to express his opinions about the history of race relations in America, writing, "If you were born in the 1950's or before and your family did not push to have segregation and slavery stop ur grandparents are p**sy (sic)."

After the initial posting, Lil B continued his rant on Twitter.com, adding, "Wow Hahahaa Ayyy Yall (sic) Facebook Just Banned Me!!! Help Me Get My Profile Back!! I Kept It To Real!!!!!!! I Got Over 500k Likes."

The 25 year old went on to claim officials at Instagram.com were also trying to block his account, but the page was still active as of Wednesday (17Dec14).

He closed his messages by thanking his fans for their support, writing, "My eyes are watering from the support im getting from the people and earth i love you so much, i love the insects animals to All (sic)".