Lfo star Brad Fischetti has defended a string of anti-abortion posts on his Twitter.com page, insisting he only offers pregnant women advice and doesn't "judge" their actions.
The religious Summer Girls hitmaker has been tweeting his views on the subject over the past few weeks, and he's keen to defend his stance on abortion.
Fischetti also reveals he and fellow pro-life campaigners offer up help and advice to women dealing with the tough decision at clinics.
He tells E! News, "Most times I just pray, and when I do speak, it's only God's Word and/or letting the girls and guys know that there are other options. That we are here if they need help or to talk or to pray. That we have people ready and waiting and willing to help.
"I don't yell. I don't judge. I just offer help if they want it and pray. Pray constantly. I really don't care what people think of my stance against it...
"If I have a platform of 500 or 5,000, my job is to speak the truth... Although I regret not having stronger convictions when I had a platform, I wouldn't change anything..."