Lewis Capaldi just wants to have ''fun''.

The 22-year-old singer doesn't want the idea of performing for people or selling records to ever seem ''normal'' to him as he worries he'll turn into a ''tosser'' if it does.

Discussing the video for his single 'Grace', in which he pole dances with a troupe of male strippers, he said: ''The idea for the video was mine, because the treatments we got were tedious. They were all 'Lewis is pining for a woman -- in a field of wheat'. Er, no, I'm bloody not. I'm having a blast. Bring me male strippers, let's have a laugh.

''My main aim is to have fun with this. People take music too seriously. It's a f***ing stupid job.

''Even the idea of people paying to hear me shouting into a microphone for an hour is alien to me -- and I hope it always will be. As soon as it feels normal, I'll be a tosser.''

And the 'Someone You Loved' hitmaker joked he doesn't expect his success to last.

He told Sunday Times Culture magazine: ''I'm under no illusion. There are lots of male singers out there with raspy voices. I'm not recreating the wheel, just writing songs I like.

''The idea that this could last until my cocaine'n'sex scandal comes out is amazing. Five years? I'll give it two.''

Despite his ''very emotional'' songs, Lewis insists that doesn't reflect the type of person he is so he'd rather use his shows to make fans laugh and entertain them than just stand up and sing.

He said: ''I understand that my music is very emotional, but at the same time I'm not an emotional guy.

''With my set list, I'd be bored if I went on stage and just sang. And it would be a hell of a heavy night for the fans. I'd rather keep them entertained with crotch-activated fireworks. I used those in London last year. Every time I thrust, there was an explosion.''