Lewis Capaldi's parents have started asking him for rent now he's a pop star.

The 'Someone You Loved' hitmaker finds it's bizarre that people think he's ''loaded'' just because he's had a number one single, and admitted he is very tight with is money and plans to leave home soon because his mum and dad, a nurse and fishmonger respectively, are onto him for pinching their food.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Lewis said: ''They've started asking for rent now, so I'm gonna have to leave soon.

''My dad's been raging: 'You come home and eat my food that I paid for, then p***** off again!'

''And I'm still due my mum 50 pound [sic] for jeans she bought me while I was away.

''I'm very hard to get money out of.

''I will move out soon. But for now, I'm always on tour, so there's no point.''

The 22-year-old Scottish star couldn't believe it when he read an article which claimed his net worth is £10 million, and joked that he hopes the taxman didn't see.

He said: ''People automatically think I'm loaded!

''Four months ago, you did not know who I was! That's not how it works.

I read on the internet the other day that my net worth was £10 million! Which was total nonsense. I'm thinking: 'If the taxman reads that, I've had it.'''

The 'Grace' singer added that he still very much lives ''within [his] means''.

He continued: ''It is weird that people automatically think I'm a tycoon, as if you have a hit and overnight there's a wodge of money in your bank account.

''And obviously in music now, you don't make as much as you used to anyway. It might have been that way once, but for me, I'm still living within my means.''