Leslie Grossman always carries around a beauty roller with her.

The 46-year-old actress has admitted she swears by Nurse Jamie's Uplift Beauty Roller and she will give herself a ''mini massage'' with the cosmetic tool when she is sitting in a traffic jam to revitalise her skin.

Speaking about her must-haves to Us Weekly, the 'Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous' star said: ''Nurse Jamie's Uplift Beauty Roller is the perfect thing to have when you're sitting in a car in traffic. You just roll it on your face and it feels like a mini massage.''

And the star will ''always'' carry around a bunch of discount coupons just in case she feels the need to splurge on beauty products.

She said: ''I always have to have a Bed Bath & Beyond 20 percent-off coupon on me at all times, because you never know.''

And the blonde-haired beauty will also carry around a spare stash of sweets for when her daughter is about to throw a strop when they are shopping.

Asked about the other items she carries in her bag, she said: ''In case of an emergency, I carry a handful of YumEarth's organic lollipops in my bag for my daughter. If she's running errands with me and it's one line too many, I just pull one out.''

And Leslie has revealed she has collected all of the change her grandparent used to put in a new bag for good luck, and has carried on the tradition whenever she gets a new accessory.

She explained: ''My grandmother always put a penny in my bag. I don't know if it was an old-fashioned thing or a good-luck thing, so I save all the pennies she put in my bag. When I get a new one, I always move the penny over.''