Lena Waithe ''learns'' from people every day.

The 'Ready Player One' star loved watching director Steven Spielberg work on the set of the hit movie.

She said: ''I got to kind of watch Steven at work, and he really is a master. He's really just fun to watch because he also just has a wonderful time directing and doing what he does ... I continue to be a student. I learn from people every day. There's places of inspiration everywhere, and so my thing is to always be authentic and be myself and put in the work.''

And with this being the 33-year-old actress' first big role, she thinks ''patience'' in this industry is ''extremely important''.

She told MTV News: ''I think patience is extremely important, especially for anybody who wants to be in this business. Sometimes people, you know, write a script and go, 'Where's my million bucks?' The truth is, this is a lot of time and energy you gotta put into it. You gotta fall down a few times before you learn to walk, and then you start to run.''

Meanwhile, Lena previously revealed how helping people in the film and TV industry felt like part of her activism.

She said: ''I have a ton of mentees [people that I mentor]. They're all people of colour. Some of them are poor. And I'm just trying to help them learn how to be great writers; and for those that have become really good writers, I help them get representation; and those that have representation, I want to help get them jobs. That to me is a form of activism. I was doing this before Time's Up was created. I am doing it now. Activism is me paying for a writer to go to a television-writing class.''