Former FRIENDS star MATT LeBLANC has a large tattoo of a panther on his buttocks, thanks to a drunken night out with a pal.

The actor got his skin inked several years ago, soon after his arrival in Hollywood, and it remains as a permanent reminder of his wilder days.

He says, "(I got it) when I first got to California. When I first moved out there and I was with a buddy of mine who helped me move, we had a couple of beers and he said, 'Let's go get tattoos!' I said, 'That sounds like a great idea!'

"So we went to this place right in Hollywood on the Sunset Strip. We did Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who went first and I won so he went first. He got his on his back. As soon as they touched him with the needle he vomited. I said, 'Maybe I don't do this.' He said, 'No, you can't chicken out now!'"