Model Morgan Quinn's lawyer is hoping to score a dismissal in his client's false robbery report case.

The blonde beauty, who has appeared on U.S. fashion show Project Runway, was arrested in October (13) and charged with filing a false report following claims that a homeless man had threatened her with a sharp object in August (13) and stolen her purse, which contained $300 (£200) in cash and a ring worth $2,000 (£1,330).

Investigators checked Cctv footage from a Manhattan building close to the scene of the alleged crime, but failed to find any evidence to support Quinn's story.

The model, who stands by her story, appeared before a Manhattan judge on Wednesday (11Dec13) to face the count, but her case remains pending and her lawyer, Brian Kennedy, reveals he will move for a dismissal.

He tells the New York Post, "I'm hoping for the best outcome. Hopefully the Da's office drops the case."