Lauren Jauregui thinks the world needs ''more love''.

The 22-year-old singer - who came out as bisexual in 2016 - has revealed that the majority of the love songs on her debut solo album will not refer to gender because, ultimately, she doesn't consider it to be an issue.

Looking forward to her solo record, Lauren - who is best-known for starring in Fifth Harmony - explained: ''Most of the songs actually don't even allude to boy or girl, they're just you that I'm talking to. Because it doesn't matter. Especially when it comes to love, it really doesn't f***ing matter.''

Lauren has claimed the world needs to become a more loving environment, and that people should feel free to love whoever they want without facing any prejudice.

The singer - who is dating Ty Dolla $ign - told Nylon magazine: ''We need more love in the world. Make all the love you want with whoever the f**k you want.

''Why are you gonna waste your time hating yourself 'cause of who you like or who you wanna f**k? You might not even like them, you might just wanna f**k them, and that's fine!''

Lauren feels that prejudice is often the result of individuals feeling insecure about themselves.

The singer has been outspoken on various political issues over recent years, but she feels that many of society's problems can be overcome by people learning to be more accepting of themselves.

She shared: ''All of the change that will ever happen in the world has to start with the individual.

''I just feel like the political state is a personal state with everybody and how they really feel about themselves ... Everybody is so scared of themselves.

''Of course they're not gonna be accepting of another person if they can't look in the mirror and love that.''