Lauren Jauregui thinks it is ''such an incredible time to be a woman in music''.

The former Fifth Harmony singer has gushed about how amazing women in music are at the moment and praised them for breaking down barriers and smashing ceilings.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the Billboard Women in Music event this week, she said: ''It's such an incredible time to be a woman in music. I think there are a lot of barriers that are being broken and a lot of ceilings that are being smashed by some incredible women that I have the honour of honouring tonight.''

Meanwhile, Lauren previously spoke out to defend Little Mix after they stripped bare for the promo for their single 'Strip'.

And after they received backlash on Twitter for their decision to show their skin, fellow singer Lauren hit back at critics, claiming their clothing choices don't make them any ''less empowered''.

One critic wrote: '''Little Mix strip naked and are scrawled with insults.' Yet again, young women pretend that going naked empowers them. It doesn't. It's just another cheap way to sell themselves. But I suppose it makes a nice change from this group dressing like hookers.''

To which she replied: ''If your intention is the empowerment of women, how about you don't add yourself to the list of misogynists who deem what is appropriate enough to be 'respectable'. All forms deserve respect. They are no less empowered because of their clothing choices. Don't be salty they look [hot]. (sic)''