UNBREAKABLE actress Laura Regan is being lined up to play American Army Private Jessica Lynch in the TV biopic SAVING JESSICA LYNCH.

The NBC TV movie focuses on the rescue of the 20-year-old Iraqi prisoner of war who became the poster child for the American-led military operation in Iraq - even though her supposed liberation was staged by the US army.

Lynch returned home to Palestine, Western Virginia in July (03), but her story continues to make the headlines, turning her into a symbol of American heroism.

NBC president JEFF ZUCKER calls the film a "compelling action-adventure story that would come largely from the perspective of MOHAMMED ODEH AL-REHAIEF", the Iraqi lawyer who alerted US military officials to Lynch's locality.

The project is scheduled to start production this month (AUG03) for a premiere in November (03).

06/08/2003 17:14