The cast and crew on the set of new film FROST/NIXON were instructed to call FRANK LANGELLA Mr. President in between takes - so the actor could stay in character as former U.S. leader RICHARD NIXON.
Langella admits he was deeply affected by playing the former president and asked director Ron Howard to ask everyone on the set to respect his character during filming.
He tells WENN, "When I came out of my trailer I was always as Nixon. I never broke character on the set. The company related to me that way. They all called me Mr. President.
"I said to Ron in the rehearsal period that it might be a good idea for me if I stay inside the character when I'm on the set so that people react differently to the president, differently than they would react to anybody else.
"If I just walk on and say, 'Hi guys, how ya doing', which is really what I like to do and just banter and go to the craft table and stuff, it might be more difficult for everyone to relate to me as the president.
"So, every time I had the door open to the trailer I was Nixon until I went back in again. That was very helpful to me and I think very helpful to the company. When I came out of the trailer the Assistant Director who walked me to the set would say, 'Good morning Mr. President'. Ron had obviously spread the word through the company so for those 40 days or so it was really wonderful to be the king."