Actress DIANE LANE shudders when she remembers one of her first boyfriends - because she soaked his car in her urine.

The UNFAITHFUL star admits that when she was a teen, her need to visit the bathroom left a young man's car in an unsanitary state.

She recalls, "I was at a rock concert and it was in Texas. They had these Texas-sized beverages. I didn't go the restroom in time, and the whole amphitheatre (was) pouring into the parking lot.

"I said (to my date), 'Look, I still have this container. I think I can go in your car,' which is fine. It was a success story, until I had to pull the leather pants back up - and I knocked it over!

"We had the T-shirts from the concert so we (dried it up with those). It was terrible but I was a kid.

"My grandmother set me up with him, bless his heart. He was a very nice man... I'm sure the paint peeled off after that Texas beer!"

21/07/2005 09:30