KStewart's mother has warned her ''never'' to wear high heels.

The 21-year-old singer songwriter - whose real name is Kate Stewart - has admitted her parent advised her not to wear platform shoes and crop tops whilst performing, because her pet hate is watching people forever hoisting the skimpy bralettes up when they begin to fall down.

The 'Be Without You' hitmaker said: ''I make an effort when I'm on stage and always wear heels, but they have to be comfortable.

''I've always been forward, and I've always been into fashion as well but I'd never wear something that made me feel uncomfortable.

''My mum has always told me never to wear high shoes that you can't walk in, or a boob tube because it's the worst thing to see someone pulling up a top when they're performing.''

The brunette beauty has revealed her wardrobe lacks an ''amazing'' dress, and she is contemplating designing a gown to make her cupboards complete.

She explained: ''Probably an amazing dress, I know the style that suits me, so I'd like to do that. I would love to design my own collection.''

And she has admitted she relies on bold accessories to ''jazz up'' any outfit.

She said: ''I think a few necklaces can really jazz up a plain outfit. And I always wear hoop earrings too.''

Meanwhile, KStewart has revealed she looks to the Barbados-born beauty Rihanna for style inspiration, as well as 'Keeping Up With the Kardashian' star Kylie Jenner, 18.

Speaking about her fashion icon to Very.co.uk magazine, she said: ''Rihanna - she wears outfits that nobody else could and always pulls it off. She has an unbelievable sense of style. Kylie Jenner also dresses well.''