Canadian rocker CHAD KROEGER spent part of his adolescence locked up in a detention centre after he was caught stealing thousands of dollars from his school. The Nickelback frontman turned the safe at his junior high school into his own "personal ATM" while growing up in Hanna, Alberta - and used the cash to buy guitars and video games. He tells Playboy magazine, "I broke into my junior high school about 11 times and found the combination to this huge walk-in safe. "I was probably 13. I bought a guitar with the money I stole, video games, all kinds of stuff... Over a span of eight months I took thousands out of that thing." And Kroeger, 33, admits he still feels responsible for leading one friend into a life of crime, that would result in his death. He adds, "I had a great friend when I was young, a guy you could talk into doing anything. His name was Corey. "I took him and a select group of people into my school and showed them how to get into the safe. Then Corey started stealing cars, and it never ended - until he was sent to prison. "On his 18th birthday he was trying to get high in prison, and a guard sold him some kind of detergent which Corey injected into his arm. He died in prison at the age of 18. "Had I not taken him into that school the first time, he wouldn't have gone down that hole and wound up injecting cleaner into his arm. I feel a little responsible. That's an awful feeling."