Kris could find himself at the centre of a love triangle after flirting with both Sophie and Saffia.

The curly-haired hunk was given a grilling by single mum Saffia after she spotted him having his back massaged by blonde glamour girl Sophie last night (09.06.09).

Saffia asked Kris if he would ever have sex in the house, to which he replied: "As in any naughty stuff? Or just like pulling? No I'd only pull someone in here.

"Although if it was a fair bit of drink then... Probably?"

Saffia then let Kris - who claims to have slept with over 100 women - jump into bed with her.

She then let him cuddle her and softly said: "Sexy time."

A smiling Kris, 24, then replied: "Yeah, a bit of sexy time.

"Oh man, I miss getting cuddles and spoons."

Their cuddle was then interrupted by Lisa and after Kris went back into the living area, Saffia confided in her - who told her to enjoy whatever happens.

Lisa said: "My suggestion is just have a laugh and if you wanna mess about and grab it."

Saffia replied: "Nah, I wouldn't do that. If anything is meant to be, then whatever."