Krept & Konan have teamed up with Slaves on a new track.

The 'Wrongs' duo have collaborated with the punk rockers on 'Told You/The Hunter' as part of Hennessy's Masters of Potential project and recorded the track live to vinyl at London's famous Abbey Road studios.

Krept & Konan were particularly excited to work with Slaves and their ''new punk sound''.

Casyo 'Krept' Johnson said: ''We knew about Slaves and their new punk sound and got excited at what we could do together.

''It was us who wanted to work with Slaves - they share the same label as us - Blending sounds appeals to us because you create something that is brand new.''

And Karl 'Konan' Wilson added: ''We've probably crossed paths at festivals but we've never had the opportunity to actually get in the studio and get things going like right now, it's sick!''

The studio session was so successful, both bands are hoping they'll get the chance to perform the track for their fans in the coming months.

Konan said: ''We are performing at a few of the same festivals this summer, so yeah it would be could if we could perform this to a crowd.''

Slaves' Laurie Vincent - who is joined in the band by Isaac Holman - said: ''This mash-up was made for a live performance so yeah definitely if we could make that happen that would be great.''

Masters of Potential sees Hennessy work with a panel of well-respected music industry heads - author and music aficionado Hattie Collins, Island Records' President of Urban Division Alex Boateng and Abbey Road Studios' Lead Mastering Engineer Christian Wright - to create a platform for blending together unexpected artists from different genres and backgrounds, creating unique live-to-vinyl recordings at Abbey Road Studios.

To follow Masters of Potential, view the live to vinyl recording of the track and behind-the-scenes content go to @HennessyUK Instagram Channel, where the full track will be hosted on IGTV.