Legendary stuntman EVEL KNIEVEL found God, ended old feuds and made peace with his son in the build up to his death last Friday (30Nov07). Knievel died in Florida at the age of 69 after battling diabetes and pulminary fibrosis, but not before he had sought out old rivals, to tie up loose ends. He even went to the grave with his spirituality intact after he was baptised. The star's stepmother Dorothy Knievel reveals, "He knew his time was near and he spent his last days tying up loose ends, saying his goodbyes and trying to get at peace." Son Robbie Knievel admits he and his father reconciled before the stuntman's death - 18 years after a feud split them up. Robbie says, "He never wanted anyone to surpass him. For years it was like my dad was pushing me off, like I was his competitor." In April (07), Knievel was baptised at the Crystal Cathedral in California by beloved TV pastor Robert Schuller, and he told the congregation he "felt empty" until he had found God. He said, "I've had quite a ride in my life-time. But I was just empty inside, and it wasn't until I felt the feeling of Jesus Christ inside my body that my life changed."