KITTIE bass player TRISH DOAN has been forced to pull out of the group's current tour - to battle an eating disorder. The rocker's bandmate Morgan Lander has revealed all about Doan's troubles during an interview on website, admitting she has no idea when the sick bassist will be back. Lander explains, "She is unfortunately sick and can't make the tour... It's at the point now where we don't know when she's gonna be back. "Unfortunately, she has a really serious eating disorder and these things take time; it could be two months, six months, two years, or never, and it's all in her hands and it's all up to her. "It's all up to her whether she has a speedy recovery or not and it's a totally difficult subject to talk about. "It's difficult for us because we have touring commitments... We support her 100 per cent and just hope that she pulls through."