The outspoken father of one of the victims of Friday night's (23May14) Isla Vista, California massacre has requested a meeting with The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger, whose son was behind the sick killing spree.

Attorney Richard Martinez's son Christopher was killed during Elliot Rodger's vengeful rampage, and now the grieving father wants to meet with the filmmaker in a bid to make sense of the madness and launch a new campaign to make sure that such a tragedy never happens again.

He says, "I lost my son. He lost his son. We have that in common. We want, if possible, that the deaths of our son and his son should mean something."

Rodger's parents feared their son needed help and his therapist called the police last month (Apr14) after viewing disturbing videos Elliot had posted online.

Peter Rodger and his wife rushed to Isla Vista on Friday after seeing their son's "final" video, in which he detailed his plans for his killing spree as a protest against the pretty University of the City of Santa Barbara girls who had rejected him.