Kiko Mizuhara is eager to create a ''simple and easy'' clothing line.

The 26-year-old model - who started gracing the catwalk and starring in fashion shows in 2008 - has admitted she is desperate to release a fashion range that is suitable for all women and is not too over the top or falls under the ''high fashion'' trend, because she wants her garments to be wearable and not ''complicated''.

Speaking about her plans to release her own garments in the May issue of #Legend magazine, the brunette beauty said: ''What I don't want is to do complicated clothes. Sometimes high fashion can be too hard to wear. I want to make something simple and easy.''

The Texas-born star has revealed she was left ''traumatised'' after filming 'Norwegian Wood' because she claims director Tran Anh Hung was ''hard'' on her.

Speaking about the 2010 romantic drama movie, the actress said: ''I'm kind of traumatised because the director was hard on me.''

And the star has admitted she was also left feeling ''depressed'' every day after shooting the film because she did not feel she was in her ''best condition''.

Speaking about her emotions whilst filming the project, she said: ''When I think about what it was like, shooting the movie, I wasn't in the best condition. I was crying and depressed every day.''

Although Kiko is keen to venture further into the fashion industry, she has also revealed she would like to dabble more into the music business and become a singer who can perform at popular festivals, although she claims she is ''not good'' at holding a note.

She explained: ''I always wanted to be a singer but I'm not good. I'd love to go to Fuji Rock Festival. That's my dream.''