Drummer Kenney Jones has enraged several neighbours with an extension proposal for his polo club.

The veteran rocker plans to add a 74-room hotel, 78 horse stables and 14 homes to Hurtwood Polo Club in Surrey, England.

Residents of Ewhurst Village are adamant the changes will damage the local roads and sewage system but Jones insists the move will boost employment and benefit the area.

He says, "We accept that there is a lot of information, so we would be happy to sit down with representatives from (local campaign group) Save Ewhurst Environment so we can explain the answers in detail. It's time to put down the placards and talk. We care about this area and we care about Hurtwood Park. We want to protect its future, not change it for the worse. The evidence that deals with these issues has all been submitted. We have submitted more detail and more evidence to (the local) council than is required to make sure local people have the information they need."